Board size 110x36cm, high board frame 45mm, Tube diameter: double rail 22+ single rail 32mm, Cotton cover + 7MM foam pad, White powder coated With the cloth rack and the movable plastic iron rest.

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Quality product range which includes Faabi Detergent Powder, Faabi Detergent Powder, Faabi Wonder Wash Detergent Powder, Faabi Soap, Faabi Germs Killer Detergent Powder, Faabi Detergent Cake, Active Faabi Washing Powder and Faabi Dish wash Bar

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An affordable substitute of dry cleaning, for expensive and precious silk and woolen cloths. Processed using the sophisticated technology Faabi Reetha powder provides smooth results without harming the cloth quality and keeps the fabric intact and new.

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Over the past 20 years, Faabi has been providing you with quality products to give you our best possible cleaning performance. For more information about our products please feel free to contact us on info@faabi care.com